Are You Ready To Move Abroad?

Moving AbroadDeciding to move to another country is a huge decision and certainly not one to be made on a whim…or is it? Should we agonise over how we’ll cope away from home, or just go for it and deal with any issues later?

I still remember the day I decided to move to the UK. I was having lunch with a friend and she was telling me how she was planning to move abroad to be with her boyfriend after they had met recently in Australia while he had been travelling with some friends.  At the time I was miserable in a job I worked hard to get but knew I didn’t want, and there was nothing really tying me to home – At 22 I was single and extremely bored with my life, so I knew something had to give, and soon. London had stayed with me since visiting a year earlier and was somewhere I’d dreamed of living ever since, so it was at that lunch that I decided I had to go for it. We sat there and giggled and I decided then and there to make it happen as soon as possible. 3 months later, I was living in the UK.

Moving AbroadPeople always ask me why I decided to move to London when I am from such a beautiful (and warm!) country, but the answer has always been simple to answer – why not? Australia is not going anywhere and for me living is travelling – to stay at home and never experience what other cultures have to offer would feel like a life sentence. My only regret now is that I didn’t do it sooner, but I’m still so thankful to my family and friends for encouraging me to go for it, and to me for actually going through with it. It was terrifying in some ways, but in others I never really thought about it – I knew whatever happened would happen and if I hated it I could come home whenever I wanted. But that never happened –  One thing that I search online for is Expedia city breaks to London, which provides short stay deals to hotels.

So, for those of you out there planning your big adventure – At the end of the day yes, it’s a big decision, but don’t make it a big deal. Research your new city and familiarise yourself with other people who have made the move before – whether that’s people you know or someone who’s written a blog about it. Then just go – there was always going to be a leap of faith at some point, so launch yourself off the cliff of the unknown and I promise you, you’ll be flying in no time.

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  1. Abhijit says:

    I’ve just moved to UK from India. Enough said. 🙂

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Wow, thats great! How are you finding it so far? Im heading there in April and very much looking forward to the culture shock!

      • Abhijit says:

        I am finding it great.. have a permanent job, but still making enough time to travel. April is a good time to come, beginning of spring!
        Where are you moving to?

  2. I actually enjoy moving from one place to another. I get antsy after staying put for too long (2-3 years). I love how a simple thing like finding a well-stocked mom and pops grocery street near by can make my day. Or how different a mailbox can look from one country to another. Stupid things like that.

    I moved from Indonesia to Australia, then to the US… and I’m getting a little antsy again.

    Finally convinced hubby to take off to see the world, hoping to find the next place that we can call home.

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      I completely understand the antsy thing – I’m trying to stay patient myself right now so I can save enough money to hit the road for good next year. Like you, it’s the little things…especially discovering something like a patisserie nearby or a great gelati shop! All the best on your impending adventure, I look forward to following you guys!

  3. Thanks for checking out my site! I’m glad I saw this post. I’ve always wanted to move to Europe, and I’m finally about to make it happen. I haven’t told work yet, which is why I haven’t blogged about it yet, but soon! Always nice to read something reassuring like this.

  4. I like this post and your arguments for travel. My family and I are embarking on a journey to Indonesia at the end of this year and while it’s a big decision I’m trying not to make a big deal about it. If you think of it in terms of giving something up it can seem scary. But I like to frame it in the perspective of what I will potentially be gaining. Being able to have my kids experience the other half of their cultural heritage, experiencing a different culture firsthand in the here and now are all things that make life interesting and exciting and allow us to grow. Who knows what opportunities will present themselves while on the road. So while there are times when the planning gets stressful I try and relax and enjoy the ride. Cheers!

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Wow, Im so excited for your adventure, it sounds amazing! And exactly like you say, there are going to be so many people and opportunities that come your way so when it feels a little sad we all have to remember this! I look forward to following you on your blog – all the best! : )

  5. Great post, very inspiring. I’m so close to jumping off that cliff! I just have to get over the fear. That’s my biggest obstacle but I KNOW I’ll never regret the decision for long-term travel. I am in a very good position right now, having saved up quite a bit of money, having no wife/kids, and recently being laid off from my corporate job (which ironically enough, I really liked and was making good money). Thanks for the great info, keep it up!

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Hi Andy, thanks – Im glad you found it helpful! You definitely wont regret it – and it sounds like it might be perfect timing with your job, so make the most of it! All the best! : )

  6. Well done for taking the plunge. I think living overseas is one of the most liberating things you can do, it really tests your independence and if you can do that you can really do anything. Since I took the plunge to leave the UK in 2002 I have lived in Japan, Vietnam and now Sweden. I love my life away from home but still love going back to the UK on holiday.

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Wow, you have lived a real variety of places – sounds amazing! Im hoping to live in Asia sometime next year…you’re right about returning home for a holiday too, sometimes it can feel like more of an ‘out there’ trip than actual travelling!

  7. Moving to another country takes a lot of adjustments not only on the weather condition that could affect physically and socially. It’s like moving to a house with a thousand miles with no familiar faces, not familiar places every thing needs to be learned and to be started.

  8. This is so short and sweet and straight to the point. I absolutely love it. I’m getting ready to move from the U.S. to Spain and this has become my daily mantra – to just relax. There will always be concerns and questions and doubting. But everything will absolutely be okay.

    Thanks for being amazing!

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Thanks Viv, all the best for your move!


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