What’s your passion? Are you living it? If that’s a no, when why the hell not?! We spend so much of our lives working (on average 91,250 hours – that’s a lot of hours!) so we owe it to ourselves to be doing something we care about. We need to follow our passions people, before it’s too late!

Whatever yours may be, you will find an array of articles below, designed to inspire and help get you on your path to career happiness and fulfilment – the rest is up to you. So what are you waiting for?!

Why We Must Follow Our Passions – Or Miss Out For Good

Overcoming Apathy: How To Find Your Passion

What’s Stopping You From Making A Career Change?

Location Independent Careers And Extra Income Ideas

6 Ways To Work From Anywhere And Fund Location Independence


How To Work From Anywhere As A Location Independent Freelancer

Seasonal Work/Working Holidays

How To Land A Ski Resort Job

How To Take An Australian Working Holiday

How To Teach English Overseas

How To Land A Job On A Cruise Ship

Winter Opportunities In The Dolomites

Blogging/Niche Websites

6 Ways To Monetize A Website

How To Start A Niche Website

Travel Bloggers Unite Conference 2011 – What I’ve Learnt

Want To Work From Anywhere As A Location Independent Blogger? Read This First.

For the monthly blog earnings updates I used to provide see this link.

Flexible Careers

How To Work From Anywhere In A Flexible Career

How To Travel The World With A Full Time Job

How To Fit Your Location Independent Goals Around Your Current 9-5 Lifestyle

How To Convert Your Current Job To A Remote Based Role

Inspiration and Motivation For The Location Independent Wannabe

6 Ways To Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Location Independent Goals

5 Location Independent Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2012

10 Ways To Survive A Job You Hate (Without Killing Your Boss)

An Entrepreneurs Christmas – To Rest, Or Not To Rest?

Attributes Of The Successful Location Independent Entrepreneur

Starting Your Own Business – Is It Really As Scary As You Think?

Why Every Location Independent Entrepreneur Should Read More

Location Independent Traveller Interviews

Interview With Location Independent Traveller Nomadic Samuel

Inspirational Traveller Interview – How To Follow Your Dreams To Work In Travel

Interview With Location Independent Entrepreneur Will Peach

Video Interview With Location Independent Entrepreneurs From ‘Location Liberated’


Resources For The Budding Entrepreneur

8 Ways To Identify Successful Business Ideas

4 Ways To Find Free Accommodation Anywhere In The World

A Guide To Banking Abroad

The Best Outsourcing Websites For Location Independent Entrepreneurs

How To Live Like A Local: A Guide To Short Term Apartment Rentals Around The World

How To Write A Business Plan For Your Location Independent Business

Is Starting Your Own Business A Good Idea In A Recession?

Must Have Resources For The Location Independent Entrepreneur

A Networking Guide For Wannabe Location Independent Entrepreneurs

Location Independent Entrepreneur Guide For Online Payments And Transactions

Resources For The Techno Savvy Expat

Location Independent Entrepreneur Guide To Approaching Prospective Advertisers/Partners

Buying And Selling A Small Business

Design An Amazing Logo For Your Business


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