The 10 Most Popular Countries To Emigrate To

Moving Abroad

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about all the places that I’d one day like to live, and in the process researching the most popular destinations that people choose to emigrate to each year – for their way of life, opportunity and ease of integration into the country’s culture. It’s certainly not easy choosing where you would like to emigrate to, especially if this is your first move abroad or you haven’t visited a place before.

At the end of the day we all take a gamble when we move abroad (unless we know our new home country extremely well!) but my list will hopefully help to narrow down your list of potential destinations…although it seems to have done the opposite for me as I’m now thinking about countries that I never considered before!

Here is my compiled list of the 10 Most Popular Countries To Emigrate To.


A country built from immigration, Australia continues to be a great destination for thousands of people that emigrate there each year. There is currently a lot of demand for skilled workers and is second to none if it’s the relaxed way of life you’re after – there’s not many other countries where you can go surfing before work each day!


Spain enjoys quite relaxed immigration laws and in recent years even though it’s economy has faltered, it remains a great place to live owing to its weather, prices and lifestyle.


A lot of people slate the weather in the UK, and while it’s certainly unreliable, I would have to say that it’s a great place to live. Immigration is still at a decent rate and there are many opportunities for skilled candidates and business people. The wages are very decent too, and it remains a great country in which to base yourself for European travel.

Moving Abroad


The beauty of Thailand for many expats living there is the cheap cost of living and lifestyle that the country allows – crystal clear beaches, great food and warm weather all year round. There are a number of visa options for immigrants and if you are a teacher or volunteer then this is one of the most popular countries due to ease of working environment and pay.


‘The land of dreams’ as it’s known to some, the USA is still very much up there for an emigration destination. While finding a visa can be difficult, there have been a number of new visa options over the last few years which makes it easier for skilled workers to enter the country. This along with such a diverse landscape – beach, city, desert and wilderness – make it a great place for adventurers.

United Arab Emirates

Namely Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE has been a more recent addition to the list due to it’s virtually non-existent tax rate, weather and booming construction and tourism industries. While these may have slowed slightly in the last few years due to the global recession, it’s still an easy place to find work and live the high life in the sun.


Most people come to France for the food, wine and culture, but you’d also be staying for the great healthcare, job opportunities and weather. While language can be a barrier in smaller communities, most people take advantage of this chance to learn French and embrace their new way of life. A great place if you love ski holidays too!

Moving Abroad

Costa Rica

Low cost of living, relaxed way of life and great weather all combine to make Costa Rica one of the most popular destinations for expats in the world. It’s relatively easy to get a visa and remains a haven for beach lovers and foodies from around the world.


While their freezing winters won’t attract everyone, Canada is a great candidate for any expatriate due to it’s relaxed way of living and combination of both city life and the outdoors.

New Zealand

So close to Australia, yet it couldn’t be more different – New Zealand has become more and more popular with expats in recent years due to it’s adventure-filled reputation, meaning that you can work during the week and play during the weekends, at anything from bungy jumping and hiking to snowboarding and rock climbing. And to make it even better, they have many visa options and jobs for expats.

For flights to any of the above destinations, check out

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  1. I’ve just been looking into moving to Spain for awhile but found that with such a high unemployment rate at the moment the country is all but not issuing visas to folk outside of the EU. I know a couple of friends who gave up the process because they were getting nowhere.

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Hey Chris, thats a shame – hope you can still get over there at some point. Thanks for the info – I didnt know it was so tight with visas there at the moment. Cheers!

    • Al Drake says:

      I’m an American who has been living in Spain for 11 years now. Spain, in my opinion, has deteriorated steadily since the 80’s and now offers one of the highest unnemployment rates in Europe. The economy is collapsing and job opportunities are practically non-existing. Cost of living is high and, thanks to government errors in past administrations, crime is on the rise. Chinese, ex-Russian, Arab, and South American gangs roam the large cities and do whatever they like. City is full of graffiti and pickpockets, even though tourist brochures don’t mention this.
      If you bring enough money, Spain is still a fun city to visit or live in. If you can afford it, night life is vibrant and the Spanish people are friendly and love to party.
      In my opinion, if you filter out the hype, Spain will take years to stabilize and become what it once was. Why do I live in Spain? I’m retired, so the economy doesn’t phase me. Good luck with your hunting!

      • WomanSeeksWorld says:

        Thanks for the insight, Al!

      • Sawsan says:

        Dear Al Drake says:
        You mentioned almost All nations as a gangs and you forget the fact that Americans have done allot of crimes locally and internationally and that USA has high rate crimes
        so try to respect your self please

    • Julia says:

      I don’t recommend any of the European countries since they are all bankrupt. You won’t be able to find a job and consider the taxes…. You will lose all your money in taxes!

      European citizen by birth.

  2. I would like to visit Spain first then think if i should move there. I also want to marry a ‘Rodriguez’ so i wouldn’t need to let go of my surname 😛 (I’m from the Philippines)

  3. There is so much on my to do list that I never get to do, the last time I visit France. Yeah, that’s my favorite place. Missed it a lot. Hope to visit it again earlier this year.

    John 🙂

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      France is fab – I hope to live there one day too! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Great list! I’ve been to most of these countries and ended up (by chance and perhaps destiny) moving from the USA to France. I can well agree that what you give up in ‘the American dream’ you gain in French culture and lifestyle. Not always an easy adjusment but a great country to live in, particularly Paris.

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Completely agree Kasia I hope to live in Paris one day too. Glad you’re enjoying it – you’re definitely doing a great thing! Congrats!

  5. Thanks for this fun list! I’m happy to see Thailand made it on here. I’ve been living in Thailand for over four years and think it’s a fantastic country. There are good employment opportunities for foreigners, the weather is great (if you hate winter like me), and the country is relatively safe. It’s cheap to live in Thailand and possible to save money while still enjoying life, depending on your salary and where you choose to stay. Additionally, there are great services for foreigners. For example, Thailand has very good legal services available to foreign residents. Numerous Thailand law firms can be easily contacted and have experienced and qualified English-speaking lawyers that can help with anything from visa troubles to investing in real estate to criminal defense. The services offered in Thailand make it a really easy place to live. I encourage foreigners to come see for themselves!

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Hi Jenn! Thanks for stopping by! Where are you from originally? Id love to live in Thailand one day, hopefully sooner rather than later!

  6. A great list & many countries on here that I would agree with although Thailand takes the cake IMO 🙂

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Thanks, I’m with you on Thailand, I hope to live there on day! Thanks for stopping by! : )

      • Julia says:

        I am sure you will change your mind after spending 2 days in that +40 degree heat, every single day.

        I changed mine right after the 1st day. It would have been a big mistakel


  7. Nice post! Happy to see that you mentioned the U.A.E. It is indeed a good place to live and work because of the relaxed taxation and the mix of local and international communities. There are great opportunities to work (if you look hard enough, post the recession) and it’s also a safe country, specially for women. It is conveniently located if you want to visit a number of other countries in the Middle East. The U.A.E balances the local culture and a modern environment, suitable to expatriates from all over the world.

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Hi Natasha, thank you! Ive got friends in the UAE and love visiting – I think it would be a fantastic place to live from what ive heard both from them and your comment. The weather helps too! ; ) Enjoy the sun over there!

  8. If you want great weather, safe place to live and warm people and fascinating culture then Marrakech in Morocco is the place to emigrate to. My husband and I discovered Marrakech 6 years ago through our close friend Mo who comes from Casablanca. We have not quite emigrated out here yet but we have invested our life savings into 4 little ancient houses in centre of the Marrakech medina which we are one by one converting into beautiful boutique hotels. Currently Hotel Riad Cinnamon and Riad Papillon are open and we are loving inviting people to taste Morocco at these lovely places.
    Coming here with children is great because the children can learn to speak both french and Arabic. An amazing opportunity for young children to be exposed to a different culture.
    Amazing food, souks, culture, weather, low cost of living, easy to integrate into the culture-very accepting people.
    Come and try it!!!!

    • Toby says:

      Can you give contact information for your hotels? Sounds inviting.

  9. Why would anybody emigrate to France? I mean it’s beautiful, but I don’t see there being many opportunities nor people who want to help!

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      I know loads of people who have moved there and loved it – Paris especially!

    • Julia says:

      You are totally right. The bureaucracy and the taxes are awful in France. There are no job opportunities and no quality of life. Just visit the country, enjoy the food, the wine, and find another place to live. French are rude in general and mean. Also now the country is becoming more and more communist. France should be part of the 3rd world countries soon.

      A French Citizen, trust me. I know what it’s like.

  10. So little was said about Canada! If you move to the West Coast you’ll be surprised at how mild the winters can be. In fact, many people here golf year-round! It’s a wonderful place to live and play. Thanks for including us!

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Hi Victoria, I am yet to go but I have no doubt it would be an amazing city to live in…perhaps it will feature in my next round ; )

  11. Good to see Australia on the top spot! I’ve lived in the Netherlands, the UK, Australia, Belgium and South Africa – all have their upsides and downsides, but Australia and the UK are probably my favourites 🙂

    • jamie says:

      My goodness! How have you lived in so many places??

  12. Sam says:

    I love the UK. So glad to see it up here. And the weather isn’t that bad I believe on the south coast you can grow olives and bananas people do that in Devon!!!! Not surprised that Italy isn’t there (my country) nice place just awful to live in. And I agree with a couple of others France is overrated Germany is better.

  13. Josh says:

    I about to visit
    Australia I don’t know what do expect but I hope it’s as great as I have heard..then I can live there.

  14. Dilly says:

    How is it to migrate to Costa Rica? Procedure n possibilities?

    • Tob says:

      Take care before moving to Costa Rica. Cost of living is rising, crime rates are rising, and getting a residence visa more expensive. Weather is great, though.

      But a haven for foodies? The typical Costa Rican menu is rice, re-fried beans, and something else. Pretty mundane. The author must he high.

  15. Priyanka says:

    How about Argentina? Is it good to immigrate?

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Can anyone help with that one? Unfortunately Argentina is a place Im yet to visit!

  16. Alex says:

    Australia and New Zealand couldn’t be more different? I would actually say that they are incredibly similar. When you compare Australia with its neighbouring countries PNG, Indonesia, Malaysia, south-east Asia and southern Asia etc. New Zealand is virtually identical.

  17. Ron says:

    Hey There! I was planning to emigrate to could someone tell me the living cost and job opportunities over there?

  18. Where is a good place to emigrate to if you have children? Australia is maybe a good choice? Anyone else on here emigrated with a family? We are currently in America and want to leave for obvious reasons. Would greatly appreciate any honest feedback. Thanks! 🙂

    • WomanSeeksWorld says:

      Hi Beth,
      Australia is a great place to live, but I’m a bit biased! Aussie immigration laws are fairly tough. Ideally, you need lots of money or a needed skill. Check the Australian Department of Immigration website for details. Good luck.


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