Bucket List

Most of you who follow this blog will know that I’m a big advocator of lists, and perhaps the most important list that anyone could ever put together is their very own Bucket List. For anyone not familiar with this concept, a Bucket List is basically a list of all the things you want to achieve in your life – your hopes, dreams and goals, which can range from the places you want to travel to, to who you want to invite to your 50th birthday party.

I’ve recently been thinking about my own Bucket List, and have realised that even though I’m constantly accessing and re-assessing my goals in my mind, I’ve never gotten around to writing the damn thing down!

So, in an effort to be more accountable, and perhaps inspire some of you to also do the same, here in all it’s glory is my very own Bucket List. I’m sure it will change a lot over the years to come, but it’s a great feeling just to have something written down to encourage me to reach for the things I want in my life. I’ve also included some things that I have already achieved, just to remind me that it can be done – and it will!

Here goes…

  1. Live abroad
  2. Earn over $1,000 in one month online by 2013
  3. Consistently earn over $1000 per month online by the end of 2012
  4. Travel in a campervan
  5. Road trip across the USA 
  6. Own and renovate a property
  7. Do a cooking course in South East Asia
  8. Go to the taping of a chat show
  9. Move abroad
  10. Conquer my fear of heights by doing a skydive/bungy jump (I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to achieve this one, but you gotta aim high, right?!)
  11. Have one of my businesses/projects mentioned in a major publication
  12. Run a marathon
  13. Compete in a Triathlon
  14. Go to the top of the Gherkin building
  15. Visit Auschwitz
  16. Learn a language
  17. Do a wine tour in Tuscany
  18. Eat pizza in Naples
  19. Own property by the time I’m 28
  20. Be a landlord
  21. See the Northern Lights
  22. Go through the Hoffman process 
  23. Attend a blogging conference 
  24. Do an overnight train ride from Mumbai to Delhi
  25. Feed a monkey in the wild
  26. Start a blog
  27. Earn passive income online
  28. Eat at Fat Duck and Gordon Ramsay
  29. Go to the Isle of Wight festival 
  30. Travel on the trans-siberian railway
  31. Collaborate with my boyfriend Mike on an online project
  32. Become a UK citizen
  33. Learn how to take great photos with an SLR camera
  34. Go on holiday with a huge group of friends
  35. Throw out all my crap and become digital
  36. Go to Glastonbury
  37. Put some of my best photos from around the world on large prints
  38. Do an unassisted pull-up
  39. Stay in a mega swanky hotel in NYC
  40. Moonlight cinema in Central Park
  41. Go to the Olympics 
  42. Scuba dive in the Pacific
  43. See a Geisha in Japan
  44. Travel around the coast of Australia
  45. Publish an eBook
  46. Set a new Guinness World Record 
  47. Fly around NYC in a Helicopter 
  48. Give a talk to a large group of people at a business event
  49. Visit every continent
  50. See live music in Tennessee 
  51. Eat BBQ in Texas
  52. See the murals in Belfast
  53. Learn to sing
  54. Go on safari in Africa and see the ‘Big 5’
  55. Go to Hawaii 
  56. Travel solo
  57. Visit Loch Ness
  58. Ride a camel in the desert 
  59. Create a fun video for mine and my boyfriends 3 year anniversary
  60. Live near the ocean
  61. Complete an interior design course
  62. Work with kids
  63. See the Queen
  64. Go ice swimming in Finland
  65. Earn over $200,000 in one year
  66. Manage a team of people
  67. Attend a TED conference
  68. Volunteer (University Business School Networking Event)
  69. Party in Vegas
  70. See the Grand Canyon
  71. Eat pizza in Italy
  72. Do a wine tasting in Paris
  73. Mentor someone
  74. Volunteer again 
  75. Be an extra in a Hollywood movie (In a crowd scene in ‘Get Him To The Greek’! I love you Russell!) 
  76. Learn to ski 
  77. Quit working for ‘the man’
  78. Housesit in a foreign country
  79. See the Eiffel tower in person
  80. Have a hotel party (complete with grand piano!)
  81. Cut all my hair off
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